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Public Reports for Clients:

“Are You Research Ready” is a step-by-step pathway for business to translate industry problems or opportunities into research supported work. The steps help prepare your organisation to successfully lead and engage publicly funded research organisations.

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Student Reports Sponsored by Alternate Futures:

“The Commercialisation Process: From Universities to SMEs”, D. Calleja, M. Gonzales-Bueno, L. Staalhammar, E. Skeide and L. O’Hara, Final Year Project, University of Bath Business School, 2014 – 2015.

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“The Risks and Requirements of Non-Traditional Funding Sources for R&D in Australia”, A. Atkins, MBA (Finance) Final Project Report, Australian Institute of Business, 2014 – 2015.

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As the majority of work supported by Alternate Futures is confidential, only vanilla representations of the work we have been undertaking can be shared. Examples of successful pieces of work completed for clients include:

  1. Completion of workshops using professionals from multiple disciplines to “brain-storm” potential alternative uses and alternative clients for stalled research. Where the alternative uses were of interest to the Research organisation, opportunity statements were created to articulate a clear business case that was then used to tune the sales pitch for the research project to new clients, resulting in engagement on new projects.
  1. A client was having difficulty getting sufficient engagement from the mining industry to allow them to prioritise their research based improvements and to make decisions on which companies were most likely to value these innovations. Provision of a generic mining end-to-end (exploration to transport) cost model that covers hematite and magnetite open-pit mining, coal open-pit and underground mining, and copper and gold underground mining with the associated training and documentation, has allowed them to improve their decision making on what ideas to invest in, and to improve the credibility of the business case when presenting the innovation to the right resource industry representatives.
  1. A research organisation had a target to increase industry engagement, and engaged Alternate Futures to conduct a high-level survey of research areas to identify target areas. A new industry group was identified for research work that had been progressing for a different industry. After engaging with a new company in the target industry specifically selected by Alternate Futures for their track record of entrepreneurship, who had previously never been involved in formal Research before, Alternate Futures was engaged by that company to support the design of a multi-disciplined R&D program, as well as to assist with design of governance and contractual arrangements.
  1. A research organisation was concerned that industry clients did not speak favourably of their business systems, such as contract negotiations, communications, reporting etc, and engaged Alternate Futures to review the business processes and standard information to support industry engagement with the aim of making recommendations for changes to business systems, knowledge and culture to improve the success of engagement with industry.
  1. Alternate Futures is sponsoring a team of Honours Students from a Bachelor of Business program from an international University to analyse the differences being experienced between Australian academics and industry compared with those of their home country, which has a significantly better track record of industry engagement.
  1. Alternate Futures was engaged to conduct a customer survey for a research organisation to understand what their customers considered strengths and weaknesses, and to make recommendations for improvement for the identified areas of weakness.
  1. An industry client was concerned that their Board was not prepared for the potential of disruptive technologies, and requested Alternate Futures provide background information on the impacts of technological change in their industry followed by a scenario planning based process to allow the Board and Executive team to explore what such changes could mean to the longer term future of the business.


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