Challenging the status-quo – connecting problems with solutions


We use a range of processes from scenario planning to technology portfolio reviews, custom audits and interviews to identify the opportunities for each business. The processes are tailored to suit research, NFP, start-ups or mature businesses.

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Support for Researchers Engaging

Collaboration with industry on research requires trusting win-win relationships with the right partner on the right challenge. We provide workshop based training for early to mid career researchers, as well as systems improvement and culture change programs to support universities and other research organisations to improve their industry engagement.

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Support for Industry
Engaging Researchers

Time creates both challenges and opportunities for industry. Entrepreneurial start-ups or innovative SMEs sometimes have difficulty getting conservative customers to engage with their ideas. Mature businesses often lose sight of how to remain flexible and innovative. Research organisations can help industry to solve problems and bring credibility to in-house innovations if you know how to work with them and prepare your business for the results.

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An effective leader in an organisation that must be both a discoverer and a deliverer of value requires exceptional skills as well as the flexibility and persistence to overcome many challenges while finding the right balance. We provide training, mentoring, coaching and other forms of executive and team support to ensure each individual can maximize their contribution to the change processes.

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Welcome to Alternate Futures

There is a universe of potential problems and an equally large universe of potential solutions. Most of the world’s problems and solutions are still unknown. Value does not arise until a solution is matched to a problem.

Disruptive technologies have changed the way we do business and how we live. The frequency and magnitude of technological change is increasing as each technology facilitates the creation of the next. Being technology aware is only a small part of the solution. Supportive cultures and systems to make the right decisions to select/adopt/adapt/design and sustainably implement a technology is what drives true innovation.

Alternate Futures Pty Ltd is about working with boards and executive teams from both sides of this equation, from both research and industry, to challenge the status quo. By understanding the cultural and system drivers and barriers, we create tailored strategies to promote engagement and collaboration within and between organisations, enabling connections between the world’s problems and the world’s solutions. We also assist start-up companies to build sustainable business models at this same interface.

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Alternate futures can design the process best suited to each client, including offering from this range of services



Our consultants are an experienced team who share common values about improving the performance of Australian research and industry to the benefit of the Australian community


About us

Alternate Futures is a unique consultancy offering services to successfully connect research and new technology to each other and to industry