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INNOVATION – is the conscious exploitation of ideas leading to a new or modified product, process or service which adds economic and/or social value.

There is a universe of potential problems and an equally large universe of potential solutions. Most of the world’s problems and solutions are still unknown or being ignored. Value does not arise until a solution is matched to a problem. The role of research organisations is to expand the known solutions. Expanding the known problems is everyone’s role. Statistically it is unlikely that relying on an individual’s or single organisation’s existing knowledge and networks as a means to connect the two will be a successful strategy.


Disruptive technologies have changed the way we do business and how we live. The frequency of major technological change is increasing as each technology facilitates the creation of the next. Industry, researchers and investors can choose to position themselves to take advantage of these changes or watch others pass them by.

Established in October 2013, Alternate Futures Pty Ltd is about working with boards and executive teams from both sides of this equation, from both research and industry, to challenge the status quo. By understanding the cultural and system drivers and barriers, and how they change over the life cycle of a business, we create tailored strategies to promote engagement and collaboration within and between organisations, enabling connections between the world’s problems and the world’s solutions. We also assist start-up companies to build sustainable business models at this same interface, or for existing technology suppliers to identify new applications or target industries.

Alternate Futures has a growing core group of highly skilled professionals across a range of disciplines that are supplemented by a network of specialist consultants from across Australia. Each member of the core-group has a deep knowledge in a particular professional area, supplemented by skills in the areas of facilitation, negotiation, risk management, coaching and mentoring. Our goal is to create win-win outcomes between the keepers of the solutions and the keepers of the problems. Achieving shared understanding at the interface requires our consultants to have the technical capacity to understand the conversation, the business skills to recognise economic value, and the people and cultural skills to know the social implications and facilitate building capable people and trusting relationships.



Alternate futures can design the process best suited to each client, including offering from this range of services



Our consultants are an experienced team who share common values about improving the performance of Australian research and industry to the benefit of the Australian community


About us

Alternate Futures is a unique consultancy offering services to successfully connect research and new technology to each other and to industry